Money Houz

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The food serve here more like home cook food. As for the ingredient/sauce, I believe it available at the market. The food not really special but overall it taste just nice. 

Kaffa Signature 

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This is what I usually eat for lunch at Kaffa. Combination of soup and coffee will definitely make me full. Soup of the day which I like: brocoli, carrot and pumpkin soup. Most of the cafe only serve mushroom soup which is kind like ahhh “boring”. The only complain is there is no quality control of the taste. Sometimes the taste was totally out and sometimes the taste is perfect. ­čśő


Hi readers, 

Hopefully I’m back to blogging world. At least, I can write something freely over here. No rules to be follow, no people to judge me. Been full time focusing on my job and I am totally ignore my blog. Let me kick start simple introduction on my daily life.

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#matcha coffee & #matcha cake. I couldn’t live without coffee for my lunch. That’s how I get the power to keep myself focusing on the task given (insomnia). 


Time to going back and have my dinner. Here is what I bring to work. Swt!

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8.45 pm

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My dinner. Green tea latte and banana cake. Went back home and time for yoga. Ok, that’s my first update on my blog of the year 2015. 

LP MTB Station

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Food: 7/10 ( look more like subway)
Drinks: 9/10
Price: Reasonable
Service: Good and friendly
Environment: Is called a biker station. I feel like there is some story behind this cafe. Do check it out to find out more about this cafe.

LP MTB Station
20 Lorong Teras Jaya 2,
Kawasan Industrial Ringan Teras Jaya, Butterworth, Penang.