Is already 1 year plus and I’m still on medication.I’m getting better but the question is when will I be free from drugs? Currently, I can skip my B medicine but is so hard for me to do it. Without this medicine, my life is like a huge nightmare. I just couldn’t get rid of my phobia. The moment I close my eye the nightmare keep hunting me. This is why I hate night time. I wish there is only to cheer me up, to make me happy and to tell me that I am still alive. People always tell me to express my feelings so that I will feel better. In this case, I am not that type of person who like to express myself. I don’t really like to tell anything about me. Eventually my friend discover themselves about me. I prefer to keep everything inside. Anyway, I am fine I am fine I am fine. Don’t worry, be happy. Everything going to be fine.

I always listen to this song before I go bed
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by Annette Joanne Funicello


5 thoughts on “Medication

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