Life Rambling


1) I am seriously damn sick. My doctor warn me that he might want me to admit to the hospital for a few weeks. Instead of doing it, he monitor me for the whole month. I need to see him weekly instead of monthly check up. 2nd and 3rd week, he added a new medication but it worsen my condition since the medication does not suit me. 4th week, back to normal medication and added a vitamin supplementary. Conclusion, MC = NO MC.
2) I keep receiving this message and phone call. When I answer the call, that person cancel the call. So, I just ignore it. This remind me of another pervert who keep calling me until I have to switch off my phone. Can you imagine 4am in the morning? If I did not switch off my phone, he keep calling my phone for non stop. When I switch on my phone “You have 100 miss call“. This happen for more than one month. Holy crap !

Back to Taiping

1) Have some tea
2) Victoria Secret body lotion smell great.
3) Relax and read my magazine.
4) Need lens (300, 325)–> =.=!


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