Tea talk

Herbal tea
Type: Chamomile tea
Comment: This is my favorite tea. My doctor recommends me to try this tea. I have being drinking this tea almost every night. Honestly, is smells good. This helps to induce your sleep. Well, does it works? I feel it helps a little bit but not every time. I found out this tea also helps to reduce menstrual cramps. You have to drink for quiet some month to shows the result. Besides that, I am using this tea bag as an eye mask. It works perfectly.
Brand: Twinings,Marks n Spencer

Type: Echinacea tea
Comment: Is so sour! My face also turns sour while drinking it. I force myself to drink it finish. I was like “omg..19 tea bags to go”. After some time, I get use to the taste. This tea more to medicine to me. Is a miracle where this tea cure my flu.
Brand: Dr.Stuart’s

Type: Rosehip tea
Comment: I don’t like the smell. It does not smell like a rose at all. I will try out other product to confirm the real smell of rosehip tea.
Brand: Gardenoftheandes

Type: Jasmine tea
Comment: This tea was introduced to be back in 2009 (my friend). Highly recommended! Is smell really good.Jasmine tea is also use to mix with Oolong and Green tea.
Brand: Ten Rens

White tea
Name: Nymph of the nile
Comment: I love this tea. Smell aromatic! This is a mixture of Organic White Peony Tea with Persian Rose and Egyptian Basil. Mixture feeling when I drink it that happy, enjoying and calm. Remember to smell before you drink the tea!
Brand: Gryphon Tea Company

Black Tea
Name: English Breakfast Tea
Comment: I usually drink it after my lunch and during my tea time. It makes me feel like I’m staying at the hill side and enjoying my retirement day. Don’t forget to try out their biscuit as well. I’m wait for the month of December (Christmas). I want Harrods singing dog so badly unfortunately they sold out.

Green Tea
Comment: I guess everyone knows the benefit of green tea right?
Sharing: Treat a burn skin
1)Add green tea powder (Product of Japan) + a few drops of water
2)Paste it on your burning skin
3)Let it dry
I think I was too late when I figure out what I can do with my ugly scar. After my dry skin broke down (from burn), I can see my skin turn brown + watery. So, I paste the green tea to my unhealed scar. Day by day I can see some changes. Currently my scare are visible. Not much people can notice it. If I knew it at the first place I should paste my burn skin from the beginning.
Brand: Japanese brand

Chinese Tea
Type: Oolong tea, Pu erh tea
Comment: Oolong tea is great tea for weight lost. I will usually drink it after my meal. The smell for both the tea are nice. This is a very common tea where you can get it anywhere!


5 thoughts on “Tea talk

  1. LOVE talking teas! Rosehips can sometimes definitely smell different than rose petals or buds and tend to be slightly more bitter in taste but I look forward to seeing how you like it!

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