Frozen yogurt

Is hard to find frozen yogurt in Malaysia. You can’t even find it in Tesco!  A very pouplar frozen yogurt will be Tutti Fruity. Let me rank some of the frozen yogurt that I have try.

1)Tutti Frutti
Comment : There are variety of flavor for you to choose. Self-service! Great because you can create your own frozen yogurt. Besides that, they have a variety of topping for you to choose.

2)Crumbs Malaysia

Comment: Is cheap! This is my first time getting such a big cup of frozen yogurt. What I really like about their frozen yogurt is the topping. They have a variety of topping for you to choose! Not only that, the topping are very different compare with other shops.

3)J.Co Donuts

Comment: Well, I guess all the frozen yogurt have the same taste. Indeed it was a healthy snack for me.

4)Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Comment: This shop came out everything that is original. There is only one topping that is nuts. =.=! Nothing really impress me.


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