I’m back to University life again. Time flies pretty fast. Yes, I wish the time pass as fast as possible. I know I can endure all the obstacle! I’m not alone. Somehow some people are helping me. Yes, thanks to Mr.Tall, Mr.How are you, Mr.Lunch. I do appreciate it. Pile of things to do yet so little time. I need a proper time management.

I believe that it is important to overcome that one moment” by Hyo Rin

My one moment still haven’t end here yet. Somehow I feel week. But is ok. Hard times does not last long. I am pretty confidence with it! As a daughter, I fulfill their dreams. Moving on, I will make my dreams come true.

Now you can see more on my lovely stuff at *My Treasure. Basically, I grap it at my pupe to we love it. I saw a few of people playing and it comes to my surprise, I love it ! I don’t really like to play games but I guess I am really addicted to it.

Photo diary

1) Train
2) Ice Kacang
3) Me (early 2011) – dark circle!


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