Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇大帝)

Every year, Chinese (some) usually celebrate Nine Emperor Gods Festival. This year I went for a day parade. I’m so exhausted! Damn hot! But is fun since I can collect sweets (^.^) This is the only picture I have in my digital camera. I use lomo camera to capture this festival. Will process the film once I’m back to hometown.

Info (wikipedia):
The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is a nine-day Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The Nine Emperor Gods are the nine sons manifested by Father Emperor Zhou Yu Dou Fu Yuan Jun and Mother of the Big Dipper Dou Mu Yuan Jun who holds the Registrar of Life and Death.

The Nine Emperor Stars are:
Tan Lang Tai Xing Jun (貪狼太星君)
Ju Men Yuan Xing Jun (巨門元星君)
Lu Cun Zhen Xing Jun (祿存貞星君)
Wen Qu Niu Xing Jun (文曲紐星君)
Lian Zhen Gang Xing Jun (玉廉貞綱星君)
Wu Qu Ji Xing Jun (武曲紀星君)
Po Jun Guan Xing Jun (破軍關星君)
Zuo Fu Da Dao Xing Jun (左輔大道星君)
You Bi Da Dao Xing Jun (右弼大道星君)




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