Snack Time!

Redondo Luxury Cream Wafer

Comment: Rich with chocolate! Fall in love with it.

Sawai Coffee

Comment: Ground coffee are really good. No sugar = great for diet. Japanese goods are always so cute and make my life easy. 5 minutes to make a cup of coffee!

Danish Butter Cookies

Comment: Is expensive but is totally worth buying.

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuit

Comment: Cute right?

Ego Thin Cracker

Comment: This food are quiet addictive. I can finish all in 1 day!

Homi Chicken Curry Puff

Comment: Is really crispy! High quality curry puff is all about the crispiness and the paste (does it make sense?). Highly recommended.

Cartoon Chinese Biscuit

Comment: Fattening! But hell NICE!

Eng Huat Biscuit

Comment: That’s my favorite Chinese biscuit shop. They provide fresh biscuit! (This shop located at my hometown – Taiping).


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