Wishlist – come to the end of 2011

Done my 2012 wishlist (need to add more). I’m saving hard to buy the items that I want it so much. Sometimes I never expect to buy the things that is not on my wishlist.

2011 wishlist

1) Zara blazer
2) Coach Backpack ( I replace with Korea Backpack/Sachets)
3) Nikon D3100(I will not buy it since it will be my graduation present so I will ask for a better camera)
4) Zara Boyfriend Shirt
5) Coach scarf
6) Coach wristlet
7) Coach cosmetic pouch
8) Golden half (Replace with Lomo 135 Film Twin-Lens Reflex TLR Camera)
9) Too many…

(^.^) Is mine 

1) My first Knit Sweater – Is really comfortable!
2) My first Victoria Secret sweaters – S size are like L size to me. The fabric are very comfortable
3) Ralph Lauren T-Shit
4) Sweatpants
5) Ralph Lauren Polo
6) Ted Baker iPad case
7) Coach High-Top Sneakers
8) Starbucks Coffee Mug
9) Coach Sandal
10) Too many…

This is some random purchase and gift that I get/bought during the month of September and October. 7th of September is my birthday and I receive a lot of $$.

2012 Wishlist
1) Ralph Lauren Tote (Check)
2) Pull & Bear shoe (Pavilion – Check)
3) Secret

I have no idea what to buy for my new cloth since I have a lot of cloth (unworn t-shirt) in my wardrobe. My style are very simple that is short + shirt. I clean up wardrobe. Look at what I found!

Sweaters form Nike and Adidas. I hardly wear it except for exam period (I’m too nervous). Malaysia are damn hot! I need to make a to-buy-list. I need to stop buying t-shirt, bags and shoe!

Unexpected = life

Life is full of surprise, sadness and mystery . We do sad, we do happy. I use to think my life are black and white but not anymore. I know I’m still sad in terms of the scar that left behind. Did you remember the quote

I believe that it is important to overcome that one moment

I slowly paint my life with some colors. I mix around with the color that I have. For instant, black + white = gray. Not bad also since is still a color. Honestly I feel suffocated to stay alive. But is ok. Remember the quote? I am not emo, I am expressing my feelings right now. Is December, my time scheduled are really hectic. I will try to keep myself as busy as possible in order for me not to b&p.


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