1)What are you doing?

This is a top question that most people ask me. Even my parents like to ask this question. I will simply answer “doing nothing”. Sometimes I will tell it (base on my mood). I know…some people don’t want to disturb me when I’m busy. Well, I prefer people go straight to the point.
2)What is that?

Sometimes people just curious on what’s inside my parcel, letter and file. Something personal so I don’t like to review it out. So, I also don’t like to ask people this question. To be honest, I don’t like people to open my stuff and check what is inside it. What is so interested?
3)You didn’t eat. So you save a lot of money.

Please don’t make assumption! People hardly see me eating and they make assumption “You can save a lot of money”. Sometimes is hard for me to tell them I have an ED. I bet 88% don’t understand what is the REAL meaning of ED and also the consequences of ED. My eating distraction is very high. Now my parents knew it but they don’t really understand. So, the only thing that can help me is to let me eat what I want in order for me not to p. No matter what food it is, as long as I eat. So most of the money invested on food! As you can see my lunch already cost so much! How to save my money?
4)Damn rich!
Just because I have this and that and it doesn’t mean “RICH”. Sometimes I need to save some money to buy those things that I like. Did you think that my money drop from the sky? Sometime parents bought things for me as a reward. I am considering lucky because they are trying to fulfill my wish but of course with some terms and condition. Parents always try to please their children with unconditional love. They try to get for you if they can afford it. Parents have to save up some money just to give you a comfortable life. This type of people really annoyed me!


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