Date: 30/12/2011

I am so excited for this coming 2012. I have been very busy these days. Assignments, thesis, experiments, labs, quiz and mid-terms.I gain weight due to my unhealthy lifestyle. For my bmi, is still underweight. I wish people can say “You look healthy” instead of “You are fat”. Damn it!. For my ED, everything was under control. Proud of myself! Btw, how was your Christmas celebration? For me, it was great. I mean spent time with loves one. Here is my new year’s resolution.

1) After rain there’s a shine
-Be happy
-Be positive
-Forget the sadness
-Look forward for a new life
-Open my mind to new things

2) Goal
-Need to lost my baby fats
-Save money
-Don’t cry to much
-Stay healthy

3) Attitude
-Plan my time wisely
-Appreciate what I have
-Be more brave
-Be confidence

When christmas come to town – The polar express


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