Hello 2012

Date: 1.1.2012

This is my first 2012 picture. A few things to bare in mind

1) After rain there’s a shine
-Forget the sadness

“Forgive-Forget-Let Go”
You don’t have any happier when you hate someone.
What do you get from this stupid people?
If you could’t forgive them just let the situation literary go.

2) Goal
-Need to lost my baby fats

Well, I will start tomorrow 3/1/2012.
I will write down my food journal for the whole month.
So, stay tune for my crap diet post.

3) Attitude
-Plan my time wisely

I should kick my ass and start doing it!
Please get lost –> lazy cells.
Please come in–>Hardworking cells

3lin Fighting!


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