Tara – Hyomin

How to Make Short Legs Look Longer ?
I found Hyomin style is one of a great example.

1)Choose pants and skirts with vertical details which will create a strong vertical line, making your legs appear longer.

2)Wear a monochromatic outfit. If you keep the same color from head to toe, it will not only elongate the look of your body and legs, it will also make you appear thinner.

3)Put on some high heels if you can. Even an extra inch or two will help. If you really prefer flats, go for shoes with pointy rather than round toes.

4)Pick dark jeans that graze the floor. Paired with the shoes you choose from the previous step, your legs will instantly look longer and slimmer.

5)Skip the popular low-rise jeans and pants. A pair of slacks with a high waist tricks the eye into believing your legs start at a higher point than they actually do.



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