(grab from my fb photo – 1 year ago)

Wa…smart facebook! What do you want to see from my facebook? I will turn –> emo person. To avoid it, I need to get lost from my facebook. A lot of people asking me ” ha, you don’t play facebook?”, “you must be 24/7 study”. This people really annoyed me. Damn u! I truly agreed that fb is a place for us to show off. Am I right? And a place for you to scold your friend. I was planning to delete my facebook unfortunately a lot application need a facebook account. So, my plan FAIL! Well, I start to use lesser and lesser now and then. There is a reason behind every action. Right? Let me begin my story, got to admit this –> scold my friend. I did scold my friend indirectly via fb.

Q: “are you angry with me..bla bla bla”.
Me: No (lie)

I guess Y is a direct person but the way Y express out is kind like in a wrong way (in my opinion). Y said Z indirectly via fb. So Z cried and D console Z. Well, Z still can act like nothing happen (I can’t even see it). The second person in T. Well, I totally agree that T did a really big mistake. Maybe T is bla bla bla. So, Y will bla bla bla. I know is going to be my turn once Y don’t like any of your attitude or hate the way you act. Yes, finally is my turn. haha…So, I feel so guilty because I can see the way I scold Q indirect. I don’t blame anyone but I finally see the crime that I did. Maybe I’m over sensitive! =) So, I use twitter instead. But I hardly scold people until I couldn’t bare the PAIN! Hoho.. so don’t ask the same question.

What do you think about facebook?
-get the latest updates
-keep in touch with your friend
-nice photo to show off

-fake friend
-if you have 1000 friends, do you think all of them will help you when you need their help?




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