Instax Camera

I’m so called a jUnKiE when it comes to photography. Photography is one of my hobbies but I haven’t been really master it. The basic about photography is try and error. Well, I have deserted my diversion since early 2011. A pinky promise to me –> will catch up my photography very soon. Do you remember a phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? No matter what type of camera you are using, the photo will always tell the same old phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Here is one of my camera –> Fujifilm Instax 7s . The film photo is the photo that embellishes so many of my little adventures, memories and foods.

This is a frequent ask question “how do I keep my instax photo”? There are many ways to keep the photos. In my case, I’m using a card holder. This is so called as simple as ABC or a “sluggish 3lin’s”. Generally I get inspiration photo from Tumblr, Korean website and one of the blogger “A Beautiful Mess
”. I am absolutely saluting her. Her blog really instigate my thoughts. Don’t just blog about food but share some useful information for the readers. That is all for my sharing session.


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