Have I forgotten?

As I find myself in the middle on the sea –> I feel so lost. I always ask myself the same question:

  • “Have I forgotten my dreams?”
  • “Have I forgotten how I fight to make my dreams come thru?”
  • “Have I forgotten the promises that I make for myself?”
  • “Have I forgotten the spirit that I will always go for it?”
  • Haters and devil on my mind because I culpability everything. I shouldn’t do that but I did not manage to divest this feeling. “I believe that people are neither good nor bad, they are people. And our actions are not good or bad, they are actions. These actions may be appropriate or inappropriate ways to respond.” Well, I agreed! But why am I feeling so unpromising on my future? I believe my lurid will end very soon. Just because I couldn’t forgive people who destroy my thoughts, so it ends up with a story of derailed dreams of mine. This is not what I wish for. I shouldn’t forget about my principle of life. “Mr. X: Why not you persuade your dreams?”. I freeze! He is the only one who understands what the real denotation of dreams is. In other hand, Mr.Y need me to rest and enjoy my life for few months (at least 2-3 months) which I against it. This is due to my health condition been deteriorated. At least….please let me see the light of dreams that could make me feel better than being obsessed of the same issue. Certainly, I have forgotten about their unconditional love and care. Sorry of being in such an immature human life form.


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