~oMgs 5th anniversary~

Day one

≥ Heading to Butterworth and meet with ~o~
≥ We heading to Penang and meet up with ~g~. All of us sound like a new people that immediately become awesome people.

≥ The first pit stop was at the Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol to drench up the throat. Thumbs up for the sweet red bean which I immediately fall in love. I should have asked them not to put the syrup.

≥ Next, we were heading to The Secret of Irresistible Pastry to full up our stomach before we start out hunting expedition.

≥ Coincidentally, Saturday was Penang UNESCO World Heritage Celebration. It was an opportunity for us to perceive the beautiful arts and heritage building/houses.

≥ We manage to find three beautiful pieces of street art of Ernest Zacharevic. Mission accomplished!

≥ We left our footprint at the art gallery.

≥ We have our dinner at Azuma Japanese Restaurant @Queensbay Mall. The best Japanese dressing salad that I ever try. Thanks for the lovely dinner and treat.
≥ oMgs 5th anniversary celebration

≥ Our first movie together –> The Amazing Spider Man in 3D
≥ oMgs photo journal

Day 2

≥ Grocery shopping with the girls. I was so stun by their cooking skill. I give them 5 out of 5. As for me, I wash the plate.

≥ A cup of cold Chrysanthemum tea before heading back to Taiping.


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