#3a Photo Friday: Hey, how was your day?

Today challenge is “Hey, how was your day” (originally created by @Yumeko55). As usual, I am really excited when it comes to Friday because I can join this photo challenge. I just capture the entire picture (1-4) today. hehe

1) Something you ate this week

– Usually I ate mixed vegetables for my dinner.
– Today I am carving for salmon

2) Something you bought this week

– I follow my mom to Tesco. This is what she bought for cooking =.=!

3) Something you wore this week

– Outfit of the day
– Polo: DKNY
– Short: Vera Moda (Asos)
– Bag: Korea Gmarket

4) Something you read this week

– Read blog post at bloglovin
– Catch up with Olympics London 2012
– TheStar newspaper

5) Something that made you smile this week

-Is my 2nd brother birthday


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