Morning @ Coffee

Did you know that I am a huge fan of Starbucks? I always endow Starbucks merchandise especially the mugs. Well, I’m truly wished they have Starbucks plate. A lot of my friends assume that I love to drink Starbucks coffee. Well, you are so wrong. I love everything about Starbucks but not the coffee that brew form barista. Don’t get it wrong. I am truly admiring barista. High quality coffees are hand made from barista itself. It requires additional work and skill for effective frothing, pouring and most often latte art. Usually I bought Starbucks whole bean coffee and brew it by myself. No sugar, raw and low calories. I love how my morning routine goes. Start my day with a cup of raw coffee and deep with Hup Seng biscuit while reading blog post. That is my typical morning routine.

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