Some goal

Life has been a little diverse and disoriented. I hate how I spend my day and night doing the same thing without a goal. My emotion was very stable but for my bulimia was getting worse after I move to a new place. I’ve kind like being missing in action. For my new life right now involves the word “new” and “trying”. I was lucky to meet new people and helpful people at the moment but I just can’t fit in when it comes to conversation. I am just lack of vital and detached communication. I need to set some goal for this October. Without a direction is equivalent to lifeless. Here are the goals:

1) Make a big decision.
I was quiet worry when I put so much of “hope” but it end up “disappointment”.
2) More decisive in life
3) Curb my bulimia
4) Diet
5) Have a proper meal
6) Exploring a new area and new food
7) Brush up my photograph skill


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