A Journey with oMgs ~ Langkawi

I know I’m such a terrible blogger. I’ve been really mia for so long after “Hello 2013” post. Here you go. Hopefully this post might not be as boring as the food post. I went for a short trip with my friend namely as oMgs back in December 2012. Let the photo tell the story of my whole journey. Enjoy the caption.

Day 1

1) oMgs at table 03.
2) ogs having dinner.

1) Board games.
2) Enjoy the games with laughter.

Day 2

1) Breakfast.
2) Reach jetty.

1) Sort of scenery.
2) Pit stop.

1) Langkawi map.
2) Reach our hotel room.

1) Langkawi underwater world.
2) Chocolate paradise.

1) MCD for dinner.
2) Off to bed.

Day 3

1) Breakfast.
2) Car need some petrol.

1) Beach.
2) Where are you from ?

1) Lunch.
2) Bye-bye Langkawi.


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