#10 My week on Instagram

Last week (7th to 14th of April 2013) was striking crazy. I was working insanely hard and honestly I think I deserve some pampered. I’m getting so tired because I am fear of stigmatization of my illness. This explains why I yearn for hectic life at jungle. Back to my week on instagram. You can follow me @lim3lin to get the latest photo updates. I crazily upload photo everyday. It is my bliss to jot down episode in my life.

I feel lost of coordination and muscle spasms after skipping two major medicines for one week. I quickly grab my favorite Starbucks green tea frappuchino and heading back to hometown on Saturday.

Lovely mummy cook my favorite mixed vegetables with low calories despite she is so sick. Thanks mummy.

Mummy bought me Rose Tea.

The best part to be at home is to cuddle with Dek-Dek.

#ootd – Rushing back to work. Seriously weekdays are always blue day. I wish my dad were here with me. I miss the days where we explore new café and restaurant during brunch and lunch. I will always get to eat big breakfast for brunch and western food for lunch. Not only that, he will stop by any bakery shop to let me try out new pastries + avocado. Surprisingly I didn’t gain weight at all. Now my weekday is repulsive day but at least my heath is getting better. I prefer going back home rather then continuously forcing myself to eat $%$^ food for the past 5 months with my colleague. Is horrible after eating $%#^ food because I will end up with xyz cycle. This is why my parents and doctor worry it will eventually leads to heart damage and sudden cardiac arrest. Dear Starbucks, please just open a drive thru Starbuck opposite the company!!!

I don’t really know how I hurt my hand but this cute plaster cure the pain.

Best quote of the week. Shit guy please get lost and leave me alone! I never give a damn face.

Wake up at 4.30 am due to excessively negative thoughts that running inside my mind. So called early bird or perhaps insomnia attack.

I’m a lucky girl on Friday because I receive a surprise hot Starbucks Green Tea Latte. It actually helps me to refrain my mind and gain some carbohydrate that much needed in my supplementary diet. I wonder how fast my friend can drive to auto city for one-hour lunch break?

#ootd – Meet my first brother to recharge myself. Eventually I bought Cadbury boost chocolate for his journey back to hometown alone. This is called sibling’s favorite chocolate signature (current moment).

#fotd – I doubt my friend keeps analysis my wits. Friend, welcome to my nerd world. Whenever I go shopping with my mom or second brother, they will definitely treat me an ice cream. I will only eat ice cream alone if I am gravely unhappy. We were heading for a little exploration on Saturday in a jungle. Bought my favorite avocado, enjoying New Zealand Nature ice-cream and Japanese food. Wa la la…

#ootd – Shopping on Sunday just to pamper myself. Manage to fulfill a few of my wish list. This shopping is quiet fun because I receive special treatment maybe because I wore dress. I slowly change my fashion sense by separating working cloth and outing cloth. I will dress up base on 4 criteria: (1) Who am I going out with (2) How he/she dressing up (3) The way he/she is thinking (4) Event and places. If all 4 criteria passed it means I am willing to dress up else I will always wear shirt and short. But usually I’m a lazy girl.


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