These days

These days I reminisce back my vivacity. I realize and criticism on how life can be tedious sometimes. I think I have overworked, tired and not in the best moods. How much I realize every day life can be taxing and it can be easy to get mired and doldrums. Never certainly feel enjoy the implication of life besides chasing for materialistic items. What I want to accomplish now is to break the chain of fear and trying fresh possessions.

I was thinking on self-travelling or travel with “click” friend besides oMgs. Is really hard to find such a click friend who has similar hobbies, thinking and topics to talk. If you notice me in person, I don’t talk and going out with huge group of friend unless I was force to.

My first brother finally bought me a DSLR camera as for my graduation present. I use to be inspired to take photo back in university life but now my life is entirely about work. I think I need to spare some time for photography session and learn new skill using DSLR camera.

3)High Tea
I always wanted to go for British High Tea or better know as Afternoon Tea. This is one of my wish list foods to try unfortunately I couldn’t finish all the food by myself. 90% of my friend and also my family don’t really know how to enjoy classy food.

4)Food expedition
Again, I’m going to stress out that not everyone love to experiment contemporary food beside Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Western, Thai and Taiwanese cuisine. This type of food is very comment in Malaysia. I want something different such as Italian, French, Mexican and Spanish cuisine. I have tested all but I prefer make it for fine dining or maybe for special occasion. Besides that, I also want to explore new café, restaurant and pastries. I think it is very hard to achieve this because my driving and direction skill = FAIL.

I want to go to the seaside before sunrise or sunset (I hate outdoor activities). I want to glimpse the transformation of the sky and listen the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. I feel peaceful as if nothing could bring me down. The tranquil weather will be perfect day for dinner. I am imagining staying at Bora Bora Island. Lol…Why do I sound like perfect gentlemen?

Be more confidence with my own skin. Due to my past traumatic experience I always fear of so many things that hinder me to go any further in life. But this time I’m trying to break the wall that I’m still struggling on. I hate to tell myself “Please give me some time” “This is the last one”. That’s my excuses for me to flee from problems, which I never solve it.

I want to plant or buy Lavender flower unfortunately I have no idea where to get it and I believe is hard to get it over here. The meaning of lavender is really unique to symbolize myself. Lavender color is associated with spiritual healing, tranquillization, purity, silence, devotion and caution.

Till then,

Take care and have a pleasant day ahead!


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