When the time comes

Life is a garden. It is an opportunity. You can grow weeds, you can grow roses. Its all depends on you.

Is already May, time pass like the blink of an eye. My heart is full of soreness and happiness at the same time. Sometimes I just feel like a fool who wait for miracle to happen. Please just give me something to live for. I hate myself for hoping. I hate myself for loving. Perhaps is better to fall back and let things unfold rather than trying to fix everything and make it better. Depression is so insidious and it compounds daily, that it’s impossible to ever see the end or perhaps the motivation to get well is not even there. The outcomes affect me more that it should do. Possibly I choose to remain miserable. Please end here, please end here, please and please and please…. I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired…..

I need something to cheer me up but I don’t know how….


One thought on “When the time comes

  1. I’m not on WordPress so I’ll like here. Totally relate to all of this right now, so know how ur feeling all too well – no joke, these words are pretty much an echo to me. Trying to rid myself of wishful thinking and stupid feelings of hope, so I can just go with the flow~ hope you can try this too. All I can suggest is start by making plans with your friends/relatives, and only think about trying to have fun times!


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