Color of the rainbow


1) I am very happy with this new Longchamp tote. It does not look saggy at all compare to my previous white Longchamp tote. Perfect as a working bag.
2) I carry my Coach ID case all the time. This is a perfect case for me to slot all my important cards.


1) Puma t-shirt
2) Watson Winnie the Pooh cosmetic case. Guess what? I will only keep my hand cream and comb all the time.


1) My current body lotion from Garnier


1) My new resolution –> drinking more water. I find it is very hard to achieve this resolution. Still, I’m going to try!


1) This is my first time trying out hair treatment. It instantly moisturizes my hair and brings a rich moist finish without being sticky. This is from Lucido L Hair Treatment Water which is available at Guardian pharmacy.


1) My favorite scent from Victoria Secret is Secret Charm. I need to complete Secret Charm collection → body wash, body scrub and body butter. Can’t wait to go back KL and enjoy my life!


1) Finally I change a new purse and is pink in color from Prada. Hopefully this new purse can bring more luck in my life in terms of money wise. Superstitious!


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