The Mugshot Cafe @Georgetown

Food: awesome,best,unique,cute,average,variety,normal,worse
Dessert: awesome,best,unique,cute,average,normal,worse
Environment: Vintage
Service: thumbs up, normal, thumbs down
Recommendation: yes, personal preference, no
Overall: 5/5
Website: The Mugshot Cafe
I find Penang has a lot of undiscovered and hidden small café, which I like the most unlike KL. There is nothing more attracting at Penang besides hunting down mysterious and hidden café. More likely, playing hide and seek. As for the food, is a very unique and delicious. Most importantly are we receiving warm welcoming treatment from the moment we step in their café. Good service, delicious food, vintage feel, photography and smile.
The Mugshot Cafe
302 Chulia Street,
George Town, MY.
012-405 6276


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