Madam Kwan’s

Food: awesome,best,unique,cute,average,variety,normal,worse
Dessert: awesome,best,unique,cute,average,normal,worse
Service: thumbs up, normal, thumbs down
Recommendation: yes, personal preference, no
Overall: 4.8/5
Website: Madam Kwan’s
I still remember the first time I ate at Madam Kwan’s and it leaves a bad impression because the food I ordered was kind like bad. This is why I keep wondering why there are still a lot of people eating at Madam Kwan’s each times I walk pass by. My brother told me to give them a second chance because he knows which dishes and food are the best at Madam Kwan’s. Oh Yes, this time the food we order are 100% delicious. No doubt, a lot of tourists like to stop here for a meal after a long day shopping. Well, don’t forget to try out the dessert!


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