UT Labs Aesthetic Laboratory

Facial therapy is one of a contemporary in life. I imply this as my current beauty care for myself. UT Labs Aesthetic Laboratory is a stand-alone beauty lab in Penang, Malaysia aka Taiwan (originate). If you need a professional consultant you could make an appointment with doctor at UT Labs. Ok, it is time for me to write down my experience from this facial therapy. The beauty consultant will first inspect my skin type. So this is the result:

-Baby skin
-No pores
-Sensitive and dry skin
-Dark cycle and pimples due to lack of sleep
-Black head
-Dark spot

I will just rough out the main point instead of describing the whole procedure like a storybook. Actually I can’t really remember the whole process.

1) Cleanse the face
(No re-use towel)
2) Squeeze out the pimples and black head with needle
(No re-use needle)
3) Apply toner to close to pores
4) Ultrasound treatment.
5) Mask

The result was quiet fascination. My face looks brighter and hydrates! So here are few tips from beauty consultant and I guess it is a good sharing to everyone. Sharing is carrying!

1) Apply mask at least 2 times a week
2) Beauty treatment at least once a month
3) Always apply sunscreen to protect the skin from sun aka UV light. Without protection, you might
welcome dark spot on your face.
4) Remove black head by squeezing it and apply toner to close the pores.
5) Avoid using nose strap to remove black head because this is harm the skin.

I hope this information might be helpful. Till then, take care and enjoy reading my crap blog. keke

UT Labs Aesthetic Laboratory
Lot 1830-F1,
Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City,
North-South Highway Juru Interchange ,
13600, Prai, Penang
04-501 3222 / 04-501 3223 / 012-497 8223
Tue – Sat: 11am – 8pm / Sun: 11am – 6pm


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