Typical Day

My typical day is quiet boring and I keep the same boring and lame routine. Ahem, I always keep the same routine back in KL life but the life is consider superb as compared to NOW!

As usual, first step once I reached KL will be meeting with Doctor T. Pile of medicine but this time the dosage is quiet low. I really doubt about myself. Yet, life just moves. Nothing special since the routine is similar back to student life. Mostly shopping and search for nice food.

First come first, we headed for brunch at Yuen Garden Dim Sum. Sort of family gathering. Not a perfect family but well this is it…

As usual, I went to KLCC and Pavilion for shopping. So called my retail therapy! There is a huge difference between sales person in Kl and Penang. In Penang sale person will always stick around you = thieve ≠ customers.

Break time at Nonya Colors.

Having my dinner at waffle Meister.

Back to hotel to get some rest.

I totally cannot wake up the next morning until a phone call from 2nd brother. First thing first, get myself a cup of coffee for breakfast at San Francisco Coffee.

Having brunch with family at Tropicano city mall at Kluang Station but I ended up eat salmon croissant
at Delifrance. Not into asian food.

Stop at the last mall at 1 Utama. As usual, I will stock Marks and Spencer biscuit back to Penang. So mom’s bought me a box of Cinnabon. I am such a sweet tooth.

Family dinner at Ribs King. It come to the end of the day and is time to go back to reality world. The end.


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