Let me free

Hola buenos dias. como estas usted? I have no idea how to start a little update on my life. I feel really uncomfortable to write my thought here but somehow I just wanted to express how grateful I am. I may not have a perfect life which I always dream of. My fantasy is always beautiful but somehow I was broken. It may not be perfect after pasting broken vast but somehow I am stronger now and begin to feel fixed. I am just like a cactus. Perhaps I never wanted to show how week I am from the outside. Therefore, I’m deceiving myself. But is ok…I am so grateful where my family are there for me when I was in the worse condition that is depression. Is insidious and repulsive that I couldn’t imagine how hard I try to live. I am a survival now because I am still breathing. One day I will be free from medicine. There are many things happen in my life that I couldn’t express out. I may express myself is a wrong way which I couldn’t help it. There are so many indescribable feelings. Depression, anorexia and now I am a bulimic. Sudden weight lose and now sudden weight gain. I am tired…..I am stronger. I can make it to the end!


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